We offer all types of fencing including colorbond, merbau, timber, pickets as well as bamboo fencing. Our prices are very reasonable, and we offer free quotes.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fences give that natural look to the gardens and outdoors and can also be used as screening areas for privacy, or for cladding existing surfaces or walls to make them look good. Create spectacular gardens with bamboo fence on the sides and matching timber retaining walls and have artificial lawns to make it a complete heaven. 

Timber Fencing

Timber fencing looks great and gives a sophisticated look to your outdoors. The timber fence can be made more attractive by adding post caps and match with retaining walls. There are various material that can be used in timber fence installation and even treat it with extra layers of paint and oil. Timber fence looks good as separating boundary between houses as well as covering a  landscaped garden in the backyard. The color and patterns can be selected to match the exterior and various profiles can be designed to increase the aesthetic beauty of the area. 

Colorbond Fencing

One of the most preferred fencing in Australia is Colorbond fencing that comes in various colors and strengths. The strength and durability of colorbond fencing is hard to match and can be selected to match the color and patterns reflecting in the exterior of the house. The fence can be installed directly or over retaining walls, to have a long lasting boundary.


We can blend your outdoors into a most beautiful area of the house by using  turf, pavers, stones, planters and outdoor features. 

Artificial Grass

Have stunning gardens with artificial grass and enjoy the no mowing surface all year round. Low maintenance quality turf installation will get you to a comfortable status of having less stress about cutting grass, weeds and managing your garden. We offer artificial grass ranging from 30 mm height pile format to 50 mm pile format, and allow things to fit into your budget. We can set pavers, stones and timber around the artificial grass to get you an awesome garden. 

Retaining Walls

We offer retaining walls for marking the boundaries of your property or to retain the structure of fencing. You can call us for timber retaining walls as well as stone or concrete walls, our prices are really affordable and a value for your money. Workmanship is guaranteed and the structures are customised as per your needs.

Merbau Gates

The distinguished category of gates that make property look superb, These come in vertical as  well as horizontal profile of slats, and can be fitted in metal frames.

Colorbond Gates

Colorbond Gates are used when strength and low maintainence is the first need. The gated come in various colors and can be matched to colorbond fencing or the facade of the property. The gates can be used for commercial properties and act as a solid protection.